Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Week One...

I've survived week one post fasciotomy, and like a lot of things, there have been highs and lows. Surprisingly, I'm so much more emotionally stable than I ever thought I would be; I guess thats what happens when even the mere thought of trying to run one step makes you cringe. I have had a couple meltdowns because everything just takes so damn long to do, but it's to be expected I 'spose. 

Last week was spent working from home, and I didn't attempt driving until Thursday. Up until that point, the swelling combined with the soft cast was really restricting my ankle flexibility. It forced me to really lay low and focus on healing which was good. I was also able to get a ton of work done, given the fact I couldn't get very far. Yesterday was my first day back in the office (I have a 50 mile commute each way - I know..), and so far so good. My leg whines a bit on the drive home, so I've been trying to get my workouts in before work. Yes, workouts. 

I WAS able to get a ride to the gym on Wednesday (as in only TWO days after surgery). I kept my expectations low, and was pleasantly surprised at what I was able to do. I could spin on the gym bike for about 15 minutes, at a very low intensity, while keeping about 90% of the weight on my left leg. I have since increased the time on the bike, and finally hit the 60 minute milestone. Granted, I'm at barely any resistance, but an hour on a bike this soon after surgery? I'll take it! I've also been doing a lot of upper body lifting and core work, which has been awesome. 

First Day back at the gym - happy girl!!

Yesterday I was allowed to take the soft boot off, and what was under that cast was not for the faint of heart. I have a pretty strong stomach, and I was surprised at the carnage. I will post the pictures in a separate post, so that I don't end up being responsible for pukey blog readers. The upside is that I can shower much more easily, there's a stronger effect of icing, and I have much more range of motion in my ankle/foot area. And while my Frankenleg is hideous to look at right now, it'll be pretty cool to document the progress of healing. 

The support of friends and family has been incredible; help with Caitlyn in the form of drop-offs and pick-ups, rides to the grocery store, and the constant flood of text messages and phone calls, just to see if I need anything. I look forward to re-paying the favor to everyone who has been so incredibly generous the past couple of weeks.. I feel so so so lucky. 

Of course, I'm also working on a race schedule, but that's an entirely different post. I'll give you a clue though - my big comeback race will be the furthest I've ever run. 

Picture post next - Happy Training!!


  1. You are my hero. Seriously. I SO admire you for being such a positive spirit throughout AND for being such a diehard in getting to the gym TWO DAYS post-surgery. You are amazing. And I heart you. And I'd do anything to see you soooon!!! xoxoxo

    ps. can't WAIT to hear about this race schedule!!

  2. Glad you are able to workout and do something. It really eases your mind when you can something even if it's not running. I can't wait to hear about your come back race! Take care!

  3. You are amazing. In every way! I am so impressed with how you've done so far, emotionally and physically. And I cannot wait to hear about this epic comeback. I promise to be your biggest cheerleader, creeper-style. ;-) XOXO! (and check out those hot legs on the way to the gym! LOL)

  4. Great job with those workouts! I know how it is sticking to cardio machines at the gym due to injury. Doing upper body and core work is really helpful in keeping my spirits up--hopefully it will do the same for you (I usually disdain weight stuff as any kind of stress reliever, but it's not bad).

  5. Dang girl, you are a machine! Love it!

    Like Jess said - I'd also do ANYTHING to see you soon!

    Keep up the awesome positive vibes and heal up fast girlie!