Sunday, December 18, 2011

Little Bit of This, Little Bit of That..

So I have 4 blog posts drafted, but haven't had the time to finish any of them. Tis the season, right? With that said, we'll go with a little compilation of what's been going on 'round these parts.

(1) I need to file for an extension on Christmas - it's coming too fast, I have a LOT of wrapping to do, and I *might* have a little bit of shopping to do. Hanging my head in shame. In a twisted way though, I love it. Having Caitlyn around allows me to fully appreciate the little things about the Christmas season that I would simply overlook if it were just me. For example, she was in a Christmas concert for school - I dreaded going, as it was "taking up" my precious time. She was so damn excited though - look at the look on her face the morning of her show:

How could you not get excited for her to sing her heart out?

(2) I'm still managing to get in all my miles, which I'm VERY proud of myself for. I'm building base miles, but working in more and more quality. I had a great track workout Wednesday, followed by a solid 7+ miler on Friday, and then laid down 8 miles at marathon pace Saturday morning. With the holidays happening, it can get tricky logistically. But when you have great friends who are willing to make chocolate chip pancakes with your kid while you pound pavement, there's no excuses.

(3) Caitlyn and I went shopping yesterday, after my run. We spent almost 2 hours in the mall (THE WEEKEND BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!) with her picking out her own gifts for everyone in my family. She is VERY thorough, which is good, but exhausting. Fueled by smoothies and slushies, we made it through. When we came home, she put on Big Time Rush Christmas songs while she personally wrapped every gift. While probably harder than any marathon I've ever run, her excitement was just awesome.

(4) I have 4 more workdays left, and then I'm off for more than a week. I am VERY fortunate that I LOVE my job, but it'll be nice to slice the 100 mile round trip commute out for a week. While I know myself enough to know I won't be able to stay completely offline work-wise, it'll be nice to hang out w/ Caitlyn, catch up with friends, etc. So looking forward to the downtime.

(5) The Christmas "Treat Tray" will be making an appearance again this year - Caitlyn and I are going to bake on Wednesday night. This alone motivates me to run. A lot.

Hope everyone is having an awesome holiday season thus far!

Happy Training!


  1. Don't worry! I still have shopping to do and have NOT started to wrap! :) HO HO HO

  2. Wrapping? What is that? I hear you on being behind!

    Your little cutie sounds like a fun shopping mate. And how nice to have a full week of downtime coming up!

  3. 100 mile round trip each day? OMG, you are a saint! And that 'treat tray' looks SO GOOD!! What is IN it? :-) I am glad you are making progress on your runs and enjoying the holidays with your daughter. Such a nice combo/balance :)

  4. caitlyn is too cute! I love that you all make the Christmas treat tray together - such fun memories for her I am sure :) Have a great Christmas!

  5. She's so adorable! I'm amazed that you braved the mall this weekend -- I simply refuse.

  6. Oh I love this! Your daughter is SO SO SO stinkin' cute!! Sounds like such a fun mommy/daughter weekend AND to know that you have a whole week off to spend together is great. And damn girl, 100 miles is insane. You are my hero, for reals.

  7. I have shopping AND wrapping to do--you are ahead of me. And I can't wait for the day when my kids can do their own wrapping. Seems far off....

    Great job with your training--it keeps us sane, right?

  8. I can empathize with you on the inability to complete blog posts in a timely manner. Not sure if I'd ever get them done if I had a daily commute like that on top of everything else! Nice job getting your miles in...I'm jealous ;)

  9. Wow, great job in getting those runs in!! And the treat tray looks delicious. :)

  10. Yay! Good job! I've got 18 hours of work until I'm off for Christmas - but who is counting ...