Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christmas Season...

There's not a whole lot of super exciting stuff to report on the running front (which can sometimes be a good thing!). A whole lot of base training to get me ready to roll this spring.

However, Christmas is alive and well around here! I shall now spam you with pictures from this past weekend, when we picked out (and cut down!!) our 2011 Christmas tree. Enjoy!

Caitlyn showing me some love!!! 
Caitlyn dragging her tree! 
This is hard work!! 
Happy holidays and happy training!!


  1. How fun! I am allergic to pine so I have to settle for an artificial tree. Trees are so expensive so I guess I kind of save money by having the "fake" tree. Have a great holiday!

  2. I've always wanted to cut down my own tree but figure there probably aren't too many great places to do that around here. Where was this?

  3. Ah, spam us with pictures anytime! Too cute and it looks like a lot of fun. We have a fake tree so we don't get to do this but I still have great memories of doing it as a kid.