Saturday, October 15, 2011

Product Review - North Face Women's Stow-n-Go High Impact Sport Bra

Otherwise known as the best long distance running/race sports bra EVER!

Ever since I've been a distance runner, when I ran long or raced, I've worn a long sports bra with gel pockets in the back to carry my fuel. I can't wear a long sports bra without another shirt over it, because I'm just too self-conscious.  The two layers works perfectly when it's cool outside, but when it's hot, a long bra plus another tank is just too much. This results in me getting a lot of chafage because I'm shoving gels in my sports bra, or carrying them, which just gets annoying after 10-15 miles.

While walking through the North Face store in Chicago Saturday afternoon, I stumbled across this bra:

If you look closely, you can see the separation in the most exterior layer and the layer that sits against your skin. The ENTIRE front of the bra is a giant pocket!! I instantly fell in love, and then pulled the trigger on defying one of the cardinal rules of distance racing. I decided to wear it for the first time, the very next day, for the Chicago Marathon.

Race morning I lubed myself with tons of body glide to avoid chafage that the new bra might cause. I was simply giddy as I was loading myself with my 17,000 gels that I anticipated using during the race, and they fit PERFECTLY in the pocket. Sure, I'm sure during the race it may have looked like I was groping myself, but small price to pay to run the race carrying nothing.

Performance-wise, it worked like a gem. Granted, I'm not very well endowed (a small B cup), so I can't speak to it's performance in bigger chested women. However, for me, it was awesome. I was able to get my gels out very easily, didn't get chafed at all, and was totally comfortable. The pocket is totally flush with the inside layer, so it's very tight and not distracting. I also had zero issues with the bra when it got soaking wet during the race.

I hope more companies follow suit - it's a great idea for endurance athletes!

I wasn't asked or paid by North Face to write this review - these are my own thoughts and opinions. 

Happy Training! 


  1. Ooh, I'll have to check that out. My tried & true is getting tired....

  2. I'm so not nice to the girls when I'm running!

  3. I need one of these!! I just might have to buy one!

  4. You guys should.. Really really awesome for long runs, and a well made bra :)

  5. Oh I want that bra now!! That looks awesome! Nothing gets me excited like a good sports bra. North Face makes the best stuff. I will have to go get one!

  6. Sounds like a great bra! I like the pocket idea. Thanks for sharing.

  7. I want this one too! Seriously! I HATE having to figure out how to carry all my fuel (shot bloks in my case) on long runs and in races. This sounds like the ideal solution. I'm going to their site to check it out right now.

  8. OOOh, now I want one! my nike pro sports bras are getting all stretched out.

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