Sunday, October 28, 2012

One Last Weekend..

This weekend is the very last one before I lace 'em up and toe the line for the Stone Cat 50. My Healthy Bites arrived in plenty of time, and are waiting patiently to be placed in my drop bag.

I did my last double digit run with Lisa yesterday; it was a gorgeous day of awesome fall trail running in New England. Great way to close out Stone Cat training!

So lucky to have these trails less than 4 miles from my house! 

Today Caitlyn asked to go for a run, so we hit the trails, just the two of us. I was smart enough to grab my camera, and document this awesome time with her.. 

Now all that stands between me and that starting line is Hurricane Sandy.. Good news is she'll be long gone by Saturday, and we should have beautiful weather for the race! 

6 days to go!!!! 

Happy Training! 


  1. YEAH!!! You are ready, SO ready. And today with C? Just a perfect way to set your week off on the right footing. Just remember those moments with her today and pull them close to your heart on race day. It'll get you through the tough moments, no doubt. I cannot WAIT to cheer for you on Saturday!!! xo!

  2. Loved the pics with C! What a perfect way to spend the time together. I can't wait to cheer you on next week! sherpa style!!

  3. Hell yeah. Momma Meaghan looking the 50 in the face, and nothing is going to slow her down. Give it hell this week. You have never been more ready!

  4. oh man....the days are dwindling!! good luck to u!! awesome last run there and have to say i'm a BIG fan of the caitlyn name. ;)

  5. I love that your daughter asked to go for a run - that's so freakin cool!
    Good luck this Sunday - it's going to be amazing!

  6. i am so so proud of you! i meant to write this in your recent post but had to say it hear too! you are in inspiration. Not because you love running, but because you embrace all seasons of it, and you share in the passion. Thanks for supporting healthy bites along the way!