Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Picture Post - Years of Running...

There were the early years...

Yep, the ONLY race I've ever won.. 
Boston Marathon, 8 months after having Caitlyn..

Twin Cities Marathon, which is probably one of my most favorite races on the planet..

Then there was my PR marathon in 2009...
God, I was so damn happy.. 
And the year that Sara and I ran Boston on Patriots Day at 6am, before the ACTUAL race. These are the things you must do if you don't qualify for the race itself.

There was the LA Marathon, which was insane amounts of fun..

On of my favorite marathon weekends, hands down
Big Sur, which I couldn't find any pictures of. I don't think that was accidental ;)

And of course, Chicago 2011...

While I might not be breaking any world records, I sure do have an awesome time running. Some of my favorite memories are marathon weekends away, running in new cities/states, with great friends.

Happy Training Friends..


  1. Awesome!! I love all the pics and the journey! I haven't been running nearly that long, but hope to have years of running to celebrate in the future.

  2. aw I love this! Makes me love running even more when I sense your insane love of the sport...I'm gonna keep sponging that love off of you if you don't mind. ;-)

  3. i love these pictures!!!! and seeing some of the stories behind them. You are incredible. LOVE that you ran Boston BEFORE the race started! I had no idea! LOL!

  4. Awww look at all the fun memories!