Thursday, January 26, 2012

Super Bowl Challenge, and Other Happenings...

Sadly, life has been too insane to have the time to blog. GASP! I know, I know. And while I could catch up with all things compartment syndrome, being flexible with spring running plans, and looking forward to a mommy/Caitlyn vacation, there are FAR more important things to discuss. 


I love football. No, really. I have an irrational love of the sport, more so than any other (televised/mainstream) professional sport. So this is a big deal in my world. Laugh if you may. 

A couple bloggy friends conjured up a football challenge, and I was the first person to sign up. Especially since we're playing the Giants, and loathe all New York sports. Loathe. 

I copied the below pretty much verbatim from Samantha's blog, so everyone's clear on how this will go down. 

We are runners. Distance runners. So the loser will be running

Rules of this challenge:

If your team loses, you have to run the point differential in miles. Simple. For example, when the Patriots being the Giants (because payback's a bitch *ahem redemption*) 24-2, Michele and anyone else rooting for the Giants will have to run 20 miles. (Here's where you're thankful you're a Patriots fan). 

Mile limit: When In the event that the Patriots blow out the Giants, we've capped the miles to 20 - meaning the most anyone would run is 20 miles. This works for some of us because we have a solid base and can log the distance. If the mileage is too high for you based on your current training, feel free to cap it at 10 miles - or whatever works for you!  

Your miles must be logged within a week of the game, unless you can't. Then run them whenever. This is supposed to be FUN! 

Now prove it - Tweet out a photo of your Garmin in shame. Not on Twitter? Put it on your blog, Facebook, or just send it out to all your beloved Giants fans, admitting the shame. 

And for all of you poor souls out there who don't like football (God it hurt to even type those words), but are being forced to watch the game, now you have a real reason to root for the Patriots a team. 

If you want to join in on the fun, just leave a comment here, or here, or here

And tell me, which team are you rooting for? Choose wisely my friends ;)



  1. DUH, obviously on team pats. They're gonna crush them!!

  2. Um ok. I call bullshit on this blog post. The Giants have won before and they'll win again. That is all.

  3. I certainly wouldn't mess with are by far the biggest female football follower (that's FFF for those in the biz)I've ever known! Let's do this!!

  4. I have yet to decide who I'm rooting for, but I'm in. I take bribes by way of cupcakes or brownies, so commence persuasion tactics.

    1. I can make brownies AND cupcakes.. All with the Patriots logo on them ;)

  5. I love this!! I of course, root for the Pats, and if they lose, I may be open to running the difference, but can I decide once I see the difference?! LOL I sound like such a wuss ;-)

    1. Oh stop - the Pats are going to win, so no worries!! :)

  6. Ummmm is there any other team to root for than the Pats??? I mean really people...You can bet against a dynasty!!!

  7. Okay... that's a fabulous football bet! I think I'm going with the Pats too... I'm married to a Tom Brady so I have to keep my cheering all in the family! :)

  8. Did you really say the scare would be 24-2 and you have to run 20 miles? UMass degree get ya those skills girl?
    Sounds like fun. I would run the miles in a friggin pink pair of spandex if the patriots lost. Redemption Bowl is Sunday!!!