Monday, November 14, 2011

A Letter To My Lungs..

Dear mucous-y lungs,

When you decided to inhale some nasty germ over 7 days ago, and began to make my chest rattle with every inhale, I was patient. I was even able to maintain a decent pace/mile on a hilly loop in the form of a relay race. And then I blessed you with an entire day off from running, while I watched trashy reality TV from my trainer the next day. 

Over the next several days, instead of locking it up and ridding yourselves of this nasty germ, you have decided to become one with it. I am thankful for your friends Ms Sinus, Throat, and Head for not following in your mucousy lead. Your rattling, cough producing selves are the only symptom I have experienced. 

I will beat you into submission - I will not allow you to stop me from running. I have perfected the art of a solid stride while coughing - admit it, even you're impressed. That workout I had on Wednesday - yep, nailed it, despite your best efforts to bring me down. You may have forced my easy runs to be a little bit easier, but you will not stop me. 

We're on day 8 of this game, and now you're just downright annoying. My co-workers do not appreciate my hacking, and my new raspy voice. I have had several people ask if I picked up a new habit over the past week, involving Marlboro Lites. And if you don't heal up soon, I just might start, for the sole purpose of pissing you off. If you want to have to work REALLY hard, just wait until I start forcing you to run after spreading nicotine all up on you. 

We make a better team than enemies, so all I ask is that you get whatever you have festering in you OUT, and do it stat. I don't have time to be wheezy and coughing - I have PR's to chase. 




  1. oh man - this is what I have!! it sucks! how do we make it go away?

  2. I think you've got it worse, from the sounds of your posts.. Mine is annoying as hell, but thats about where it ends. Knock wood, I'm not producing green shit from my lungs ;)

    I tried killing it with wine, but turns out that wasn't the solution. My physician, Dr. WebMD says it can take up to 14 days to run its course. Fab.

  3. Amen sista! Hang in there ((hugs))

  4. Thanks Jess - luckily thats my only symptom. Otherwise I feel fine. More frickin' annoying than anything else..

  5. Get better soon! It doesn't sound good and it sucks when it affects the running plans!!

  6. Oh no!! Get better soon Meaghan! I had that crap too and it was not good. Took forever to get over! See a doc if it doesn't get better soon! Your letter was funny though!!

  7. i hope you are feeling better! tell your lungs to knock it off.