Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Dear track, I hate you.

So I'm running the LA Marathon in 18 days , and the goal from here on out is simply to stay injury free. I want to put in a couple more solid workouts, my long run this weekend, and then back off until LA.

Today called for mile repeats on the track. A 5:15am alarm, out of bed, pour the coffee, and off to the track near work.

Its about a mile to the track from work, so I came up w/ a creative loop to stretch my warm-up to 2 miles. Got to the track – padlocked. Dammit. Thank God it’s a short fence, easy enough to hop over. I hate the track. Loathe it even. But it keeps me honest bc there’s no excuses on the track. The workout was 4 x1 mile, tempo pace. Just me and the trusty Garmin.

Hit the start button, start heading around the first turn, and come to a SCREECHING halt. The back half of the track is covered in ice. For the love.. As if running a track workout isn’t tortuous enough, now you’re going to make me get fancy? Really? Instead of jogging off the track and doing a 6 mile loop from there (which would have made me mucho happy), I decided to just wing it.

Baaaaack to the starting line (and I’m sooo counting that extra .1 as mileage on the day. Don’t judge me), and off I went. I have to run the back stretches on the infield, which is half frozen, and pretty sloppy. I was just trying to maintain the same effort that I was putting forth on the clean half of the track, to get the workout in. And oh yeah, not trying to slip and injure myself in the process.

Got in the 4 miles, and albeit a slow pace for a lot of people, it was considerably under MP for me. And I did it tromping through a sloppy infield and dealing with ice. And all by myself. I’m a rockstar.

LA Marathon – T minus 18 days.


  1. You ARE a rock star! First of all, track by yourself--yuck! And hopping over a fence? Wouldn't have attempted it. Then dealing with the ice--you go! Sounds like all the right makings for a good marathon.

  2. Its pure desperation for a solid marathon in 2 weeks :)